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What is iDPhoneCard.com?
iDPhoneCard is a rechargeable prepaid international phone card accessible from over 50 countries around the world.
One minute rounding. No maintenance charges, No connection fees, No expiry date, No contracts or any hidden charges.
You can add up to 8 phone lines under the same account and make PIN free calls from all your registered phone lines.
iDPhoneCard can be used from any phone line, such as cell phones, home phones, office phones, pay phones, hotel rooms, etc.
Your international phone cards can be recharged within seconds over the internet or over the phone.
No need to change your long distance company. You can add iDPhoneCard to your existing phone lines. No contracts to sign!
How Does it Work?
PIN Free Dialing : Simply provide up to 8 numbers from where you will be making the calls, dial our toll-free access number, listen to your account balance and enter the phone number of the person you want to call!
Dial Using Your PIN : We will also provide you with a PIN number in case you want to use your phone card while traveling, from pay phones, friend's house, hotel rooms or even if you are on a military mission abroad!
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